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Thursday, May 26, 2016
By Andy House
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I remember when I first saw Andy House's photography. He started slipping photos up on Facebook as if they were just any old selfie, no fanfare necessary. My heart gave a big KABOOM!

Andy's images are astounding. Change Your Life Travels is honored that Andy has shared some of them with us, along with a narrative about the experience behind shooting these stunning photographs.

In November 2014 I joined a GeckoWorkshops Photographic Expedition in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India for an experience of a lifetime.

My guide and photo mentor, Dariusz Klemens, is probably the most dedicated and driven photographer I’ve ever been around and a great teacher as well.

Dariusz and his partner Antonella Bestaggini have spent about three months a year in India every year for the past 20 years, so they know the drill, and they watched over me with hawk eyes.

They made sure I was in the right place at the right time, to make the kinds of photographs I wanted, guarded my security and made sure I wasn’t eating the wrong things.

We spent about a week in Pushkar and then toured several cities across Rajasthan, but for me the highlights and best photos came out of the Camel Fair and Maha Aarti in Pushkar.


The camel fair, one of the world’s biggest, features the sale of thousands of camels and thousands of horses.

If you are in the market you can purchase a serviceable camel for about $450.

If not, there are hot air balloon rides at dawn...

Followed by horses races in the late morning and a carnival with all sorts of rides and performances in the evening.


While the camel fair attracts hundreds or maybe thousands of colorful gypsies, the Pushkar Maha Aarti attracts hundreds of thousands of Hindu pilgrims.

The Maha Aarti on Lake Pushkar is one of the most important spiritual pilgrimages for India’s Hindu.

The event, with its throbbing crowds, is intense and beautiful.


Another highlight of the Pushkar experience came through a stay... a small, family-owned, hotel. Dariusz and Antonella have a long relationship with the extended matriarchal family.

The family includes momma, three sons, two wives and three grandchildren.

We were embraced by the family and they allowed us into their lives including their daily religious ceremony a dawn.

The experience with the family was priceless.

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