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Sunday, June 10, 2018
By Serge Anton
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I've always loved photography. There's especially something about images of people's faces that have always caused me to spend a moment staring into the visage and wondering: What was this person thinking about when the photo was snapped? Were they missing their beloved, but consumed with a rush of love at their very thought? Did threadbare sheets of a Murphy bed lure from afar with a subconscious reminder of the need for more shut-eye? Were they dreaming of a place they'd never been, but felt its siren call, nonetheless?

When I learned of Serge Anton's book FACES, the concept immediately spoke to me (see cover at the end of this post). The photographer presents us with visuals from his visits to Africa and Asia. He doesn't fill in details. Instead, he lets our very imaginations determine the stories behind the... FACES.

What Anton does say...

"It is the reflection of what the human being hides deep inside, spiritually and emotionally, a state of soul, a fleeting or transient expression. I like to capture a fragment, to grasp what is revealed in a furtive instant and belongs only to this unique moment."

Following are selections from the pages of FACES. If you feel so inclined, share what you think is happening behind the eyes of Anton's subjects. -- Bekah


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