Gently Into 60's England
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Thursday, December 24, 2015
By Bekah Wright
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Image courtesy of KCETLink


The last few weeks, we've been escaping to the North Pole via television shows/movies and films set in that very place. It's been kind of nice transporting all that way for an hour or two. So we started thinking... Why not visit other parts of the planet in that very manner until we can get their ourselves. And while we're at it, let's do a bit of time travel!


We got that very opportunity through the Southern California's KCET series Inspector George Gently.


Image courtesy of KCETLink


Haven't heard of the intrepid Investigator Gently? Let us fill you in on this television series based on the Alan Hunter novels.

Inspector George Gently, played by Martin Shaw, is a transplant from London's Scotland Yard taking on the mysteries of England's North Country. Despite its lack of urban sprawl, rural Britain in the 1960's is anything but sleepy, with the region just beginning to "feel the rumbles of the era's social and cultural quakes."

No one gets a free pass in Gently's book. Even his colleagues come under scrutiny when crime is afoot.


Image courtesy of KCETLink


A new season of first-run episodes is underway. Catch #2 this Sunday at 10 p.m.. Coming down the pike:


Episode Two - Breathe The Air
Sun. Dec. 27 at 10p.m. PT
An investigation into a GP's suspected suicide leads team member Rachel Coles to the small village community that she grew up in, which stirs up tragic memories.

Episode Three - Gently Among Friends
Sun. Jan. 3 at 10p.m. PT
A man is found dead at the backdrop of the Wildcat riots, where rubbish is piling on the streets. The victim was in a lot of debt, but the mystery is to discover who killed him and why.

Episode Four - Son Of A Gun
Sun. Jan. 10 at 10p.m. PT
Following an armed robbery, Gently seeks to find the armed gang and bring them to justice before more innocent people are shot.


Thanks, KCET, for our weekly sojourns into 1960s North County, with adventures to boot!


Check out this behind-the-scenes look from BBC posted on YouTube by GreenHeart45:



To learn more about KCET's programming visit A channel locator on the site will make sure you can tune right in.

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