GOOD STUFF: Aveda Blue Oil
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015
By Simone da Rosa
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AVEDA: Blue Oil (Huile Bleue)

Reviewed by: Simone

I love this stuff!

Touted by the manufacturer as a stress relieving tool, this lifelong meditator actually uses it as an on-the-spot, get down! grounding buddy. I find it especially wonderful immediately before meetings and those tougher talks in life.

Made with lavender and peppermint oils, calming and stimulating respectively, this glowing blue beauty feels like it brings you to alpha brain waves (the target of most mediation practices) at once. Warms, relaxes and stimulates with no greasy feeling.

The gorgeous blue oil comes in a glass vial with a roller applicator, and among its many miracle-like uses, can be applied on pulse points, sore muscle massage (e.g., typing-tired forearms) and the scalp. I most frequently roll it on my pons medula (the spot at the middle-base of the skull) area and rub in small, easy circles. Hits the brain quickly, and it’s legal! Easy to use, highly portable. $19.00 at all Aveda stores.

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