GOOD STUFF: In the Kitchen with Vincent Price
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Thursday, October 29, 2015
By Bekah Wright
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Photo: Vincent Price Knife_©Price Family Trust

Admission: I'm a disaster in the kitchen. Even worse if I'm actually the person preparing the meal. Not only have I caught my socks on fire in the microwave, hail has literally burst through the ceiling out of nowhere. Is my kitchen haunted? Maybe just horrified by its mistress.


I've attempted to rectify this situation. In fact, I've had cooking lessons during my journeys around the globe. These usually begin with trips to the local farmers' market to purchase local delicacies.

Photo by Bekah Wright


And move to cooking lessons via fantastic destination such as the Four Seasons Chiang Mai. A photo you might have seen on Facebook (That's my friend Melanie and I. We were both sick as dogs. She looked fab. I looked hella bad.)...

Photo courtesy of Bekah Wright


What wasn't posted...

Photo courtesy of Bekah Wright


Yeah, nearly chopped off that fingertip...

A lot of sympathetic head-shaking usually occurs during my cooking attempts. I remain every hopeful, though, that one day I'll deliver something edible to dinner guests. Something I actually cooked.

So, with Halloween upon us, I was thrilled to receive information about a book from Dr Phibes, er, I mean Vincent Price and his wife Mary Grant Price: A Treasury of Great Recipes.


Image: Treasury Front Sleeve_© A Treasury of Great Recipes

The Prices co-wrote the cookbook back in 1965. Now, a special 50th anniversary edition is available for purchase. And, to whet your appetites, several recipes are being shared below.

Photo: Price Kitchen Stove_©William Claxton_ A Treasury of Great Recipes


Let's time machine ourselves back to the Price family kitchen, shall we. There, Vincent would have been taste-testing all the fare ready to be presented to guests...

Photo: VincentPrice©Eliot Elisofon_TreasuryofGreatRecipes

Very Downton Abbey of him...


Who we imagine was seated around the table?


Photo: AliceCooper_VincentPrice©ABC 1975


Alice Cooper is a given.

Photo: VincentPrice_Body_©Price Family Trust

A family member or two, most likely.



Sophistication should be expected. After all, the cookbook includes how to artistically fold napkins.

Photo: Whitehall Club Chocolate Roll_© A Treasury of Great Recipes

What's on the menu? Like me, the Prices gathered their favorite recipes during their travels, which is reflected in the cookbook, that has been referred to as "the first pictorial, gastronomical travelogues published, with recipes and menus from restaurants, hotels and railroads that no one else had been successful at acquiring at the time."


First course, a taste of pumpkin to tickle the palate.


Up second, something to slide delectably down the gullet.



For the main, some, er, stick to your ribs deliciousness.


And dessert (pictured above), of course!



Many thanks for a seat at the table (and in the kitchen). Now to try my hand at these recipes...



Be afaid. Be very, very afraid.


Recipes from the Treasury of Great Recipes cookbook by Vincent and Mary Price courtesy of All Things Possible. Unless, otherwise noted, photos also courtesy of All Things Possible.

To learn more about the 50th anniversary edition of Treasury of Great Recipes, including where it can be purchased, visit: 


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