The Three-Breakfast Breakfasts at Farmhouse Inn
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016
By Bekah Wright
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Do you ever try to recreate meals you've had while traveling? I'm not a cook (that's an understatement), but I do try to incorporate little touches that bring my senses right back to a fantastic menu. As for the morning meal at the Farmhouse Inn, let me start by saying... off the charts fantastic! How'd we get here? Pop over to this post to start reading about when my friend Nahmi and I spent our birthdays in Sonoma County.


You know how Hobbits have first and second breakfasts? Farmhouse, An Inn, Restaurant and Spa has them beat with THREE!


But I'm getting ahead of myself...


Photo by Bekah Wright


Let's begin with setting the mood via a morning stroll to the Restaurant.

See the sun peeking through the trees? It's gonna be a glorious day.

Photo by Bekah Wright

Why hello, ladies! I'm guessing we should thank you right now for what will be waiting for us on the breakfast table.


Photo by Bekah Wright

Inhale, please. Yep, the morning dew touching the fragrant herb garden results in a stomach alert: Hungry now!


Photo courtesy of the Farmhouse Inn


Coffee. Tea. Juice. And (drum roll, please) the menu.


Photo by Bekah Wright

You're reading correctly. THREE COURSES! For breakfast!

What was Estate Chef Trevor Anderson serving up this particular morning?


Photo by Bekah Wright

This hot pillow of goodness in the form of a doughnut paired with an icy coffee granita would have been enough alone, but... there was more!


Photo by Bekah Wright

Right when you need it, a touch of protein by way of Speck (think thinly-shaved ham) accompanied by Figs, Pearl Onions and Candied Mustart Seeds. A stream of drool just hit my keyboard over this memory.


Photo by Bekah Wright

As you could see from the menu above, there were three entree selections from which to choose.

Great way to torture two indecisive Libras on their birthday getaway! The smart thing would have been to each choose a different main dish and share.

We were on vacation. To hell with being smart! We both went for the Sausage and Peppers with Nardello, Padron, Wax Peppers and Sunny Side Up Eggs.

It may not look all that pretty in the photo above, but the flavors were KAPOW! They left me wondering about a particular ingredient.

Which takes me to...

Another morning of "three breakfasts!"


Photo by Bekah Wright

Despite the amount of deliciousness that constituted this birthday weekend, we went to bed dreaming about the Farmhouse Inn breakfast.

Day two did not disappoint.


Photo by Bekah Wright

A warm Apple Muffin flirted with a slice of Asian Pear ice skating on the edge of some Spiced Pastry Cream. Add a sip or two of coffee and... perfection!

Photo by Bekah Wright

Remember that herb garden from yesterday? It contributed to the second course of Seared Tuna (excluded for my seafood/fish allergies) teamed up with Watermelon, Tomato and Nam Prik.

We'd googled Nam Prik (much as we had with Speck the day before) and learned it's a chili-based spice.

Photo by Bekah Wright

Now you'd think we'd have learned from the day before about the upside of sharing entrees so we could try more than one. Nope. We both went for the Biscuits and Gravy (Hello! I'm a southern girl!) with Summer Beans, Radishes, "6 minute" Egg and Bacon.

We toasted our final breakfast at the Farmhouse Inn. But we didn't leave before I asked...

"What is the salt your using???"

I'm no salt aficianado, but whatever Estate Chef Trevor Anderson was using had me needing some of my very own.

Photo by Bekah Wright

The following was brought to the table. Oh yeah. I wanted some. In a big way. Well, not as big as that bucket.

This post started with talking about how I try and bring a bit of my travels home via the plate, and it's ending that way, too.

A phone call with my friend Susan led to me singing the praises of the Farmhouse Inn's salt.

"Was it Maldon Salt?" she asked. How did she know?!?! Turns out, the Cupid's Arrow that is Maldon Salt has struck many people's tastebuds.

Not long thereafter, the following package from the UK arrived on my doorstep.


Photo by Bekah Wright

You guessed it.

Photo by Bekah Wright

Susan sent me Maldon Salt (and a cool pepper mill with peppercorns) for my birthday!

I may not have three breakfasts every day, as Nahmi and I did at the Farmhouse Inn. Between my Bartolomei Ranch honey and Maldon Salt, though, my heart races back there most mornings.

Bon Appetit!

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