YOUR STORIES: Breathtaking Iceland -- Part 2
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Wednesday, December 09, 2015
By Donna Soohoo
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We return to Iceland today, where Donna Sohoo introduces us to the dwelling place of a hermit and a locale so beautiful, trolls become frozen in time...


Seljalandsfoss Waterfall photo courtesy of Donna Soohoo

From Selfoss we head down towards Landeyjahofn to hop on a ferry to the Westmann Islands. But not
before we stopped to see a couple of Iceland’s glorious waterfalls, starting with Seljalandsfoss. Walk behind a
waterfall? Yes please. Feel the thundering force of the water contrast with the delicate spray that hits you.
It’s captivating. 


Even more mesmerizing I think, is the Ghost Waterfall just a short walk away. You can’t see it initially as it’s
tucked behind an enclosure of rock. Walk carefully inside this cave, and the ghost waterfall reveals itself.
Now that is magical. Legend has it a hermit lived just inside this cave. Could you blame her?


Ghost Waterfall photo courtesy of Donna Soohoo


Both falls are a short drive from the ferry landing at Landeyjahofn. We had a picnic lunch while waiting
for our ferry. Dan queued up in the car line as the passengers boarded up top. It’s roughly a 35-minute ride to our destination.


View of Eldfell Crater, Westmann Island courtesy of Donna Soohoo


What’s there to do once we’re there? Hike to the top of the Eldfell crater (site of the most recent eruption
in 1973). Walk around the lava graveyard where street markers and plaques indicate what buildings lie
buried 30 feet below. Play golf at the base of an ancient caldera.

Photo of puffins courtesy of Donna Soohoo


See puffins nesting on cliffs. Glimpse smaller islands around you, as volcanic activity underwater causes them to grow over time. Oh, and have another amazing meal at the end of the day.

Skogafoss Waterfall courtesy of Donna Soohoo


Sadly we had only one day there, but so much more of Iceland beckoned. Back to the southern coast we
went to Skogar, a hub of outdoor activity, and home to the massive, Skogafoss waterfall.

A campsite near the base of the falls is the starting point for a three-day hike alongside Skogafoss to
Porsmork. The evening we arrived, a musician was playing his guitar, accompanied by the distant roar of
the falls. It was so ethereal, so perfect. Our friend returned to the falls twice during our stay, to take photos
at different times of day.


Skogafoss waterfall photo courtesy of Donna Soohoo


The next day we decided to do a portion of the hike up along the falls. We'd read that you would pass 22 more falls in day one of your hike, each possibly more beautiful than the last. How could you top Skogafoss? But the guidebooks didn’t lie. Each waterfall we encountered had it’s own charm, each surrounded by massive moss-covered rocks.

We’d heard folklore about trolls that turned to stone when the sun came up. I could see them, all around the falls,
lingering a bit too long near the water and now, frozen in time.

*     *     *     *     *

Bundle up! Tomorrow, Donna Soohoo introduces us to everything from icebergs to sulfur pots!

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