YOUR STORIES: Breathtaking Iceland -- Part 3
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Thursday, December 10, 2015
By Donna Soohoo
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Word is, the temperatures are dipping in Los Angeles today. On this last leg of Donna Soohoo's trip to Iceland, things are definitely getting frosty.

Photo of remains of a U.S. naval plane at Solheimasandar lava beach courtesy of Donna Soohoo


Each day in Iceland held its own special adventure. Need a break from waterfalls? How about visiting the remains of a crashed naval plane lying on a lava beach?


Photos of icebergs in Jokulsa rlon lagoon (see next two photos below, as well) courtesy of Donna Soohoo


But wait there’s more. Reynisfjara Beach near Vik, with it’s geometric rock formations and, yes, more
nesting puffins. Dyrholaey Arch can be glimpsed in the distance, jutting out into the water. And further east,
Skaftafell National Park, where glaciers and glacial lagoons abound.

The glaciers (two of which are easily accessible from the visitor center) are massive, yet shrinking. Even Iceland can’t escape climate change.

Take a zodiac boat ride on a glacial lagoon if you can. Even with the one-piece snowsuits they provide, expect to get wet, but take in the colossal beauty of these ice jewels floating slowly out to sea. If you’re lucky you
may get to see chunks calving off the glacier. 



And if you want to get really up close to an iceberg, stroll over to the beach, where you can stand on one,
washed up on shore. 



Our journey took us as far as Hofn, a charming fishing town where we enjoyed fresh langoustine before
meandereding back west.

Rolling hills around Hotel Selid, outside Hella, photo courtesy of Donna Soohoo


Interspersed amid all this dramatic scenery were pasturelands dotted with sheep, horses, cows, and hay bales shaped like giant marshmallows.

Photo courtesy of Donna Soohoo


Lending an extra aura of mystery to this landscape was the appearance of turf houses tucked into hillsides or built into rock. Elf dwellings? It wouldn’t surprise me.

Photo courtesy of Donna Soohoo


In a country where a single volcanic eruption can shutdown European air traffic, I felt incredibly safe.

Bubbling sulfur pots in Seltun, photo courtesy of Donna Soohoo

I came away with such a feeling of serenity and an immense respect for the gracious people that embrace
this dramatic yet soothing country.

And I know that I need to go back to see the northern coast, where more elves, trolls and other surprises await me.

*     *     *     *     *

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Thank you, Donna, for taking us along to Iceland. I can hear the elves call and the trolls beckon. Book me an iceberg. I'm on my way!

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