Africa changed my life. These were the words I'd heard so many people utter who'd been to this particular continent. I didn't understand until I visited Zambia back in 2013. After 10 days in Mfuwe, I returned home knowing I was forever changed. Spending those days solely tuned into nature was an awakening. Life had stories to tell, I'd just been so distracted by the day-to-day, I'd been missing way too much. I vowed when I returned not to let those changes, or desire to be in the present, dissipate. I also set a mission to write about travel in a way that would inspire others, as Africa had inspired me. I hope that Change Your Life Travels, in all its various connotations, will do that for you. Thank you for coming along on this journey. -- Bekah Wright

Change Your Life Travels is a community of people who share how their world has transformed, expanded or been inspired/impacted by the various reaches -- sometimes close, sometimes far -- of the world.
Taking things a step further, Change Your Life Travels also produces 360/Virtual/Augmented Reality
There will be current travel stories to read within the En Route with Bekah, as Traveler-in-Chief Bekah Wright hits the open road and reports back about adventures and life adjustments along the way.
In Going, Simone da Rosa's coaching skills come to the fore, when she guides travelers onto the road, then home again, with intentions, goals, missions, you name it.
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